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Is your outbound strategy for overdue receivables going straight to voicemail?



Achieve instant results, create a better client experience and give your organization the freedom to save money on outsourced collection services or reallocate those resources internally, as you see fit.

Have your donations dwindled as the cashless trend continues?



As more and more people conduct financial transactions entirely with cards or mobile payment alternatives, not-for-profit organizations that traditionally rely on cash may find themselves short. With RePay, your not-for-profit organization becomes a mobile collection engine able to solicit, collect and organize donations effortlessly.

A payment experience built for people.



Customers trust your brand. The RePay platform can be customized to your brand and integrated into your company’s workflow, both front and back. Our proven API can connect to both legacy and new platforms.

Are you learning from your customers?



As RePay amasses valuable client data with every transaction, you can use that intelligence to enrich the customer experience and increase the likelihood of receiving funds.